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Is this a cheating?

Family & Relationships

Mar 6 2018, 11:02
  • PurpleFrog97 Newbie

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    My boyfriend hurt my feelings. In the way I am not sure is it cheating. So here's what happened. He liked facebook post from a girl in wich says : relationship? look 1-10? give you my number? and If you press like, you will get the answer. So that's what he did. I am considering is that cheating? Is it disrespectful? Because I found it offensive. Sometimes I think I overreacted. I told him how do I feel. He said that is he knew that this like will hurt my feelings then he would never do it and that he loves me and have everything with me, so that's unnecessary. I've noticed that he gives me more attention now then before and that he is trying to fix the situation. I feel like If I forgive him that I will betray myself. So, what do you guys think? Is this cheating? Should I leave him or stay with him? Thanks.

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