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My Father Is A Tyrannical Dictator Like Adolf Hitler

Family & Relationships

Jan 22 2018, 05:55
  • Apollo24 Newbie

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    My father is one of the most inhumane person I have ever known in my whole life. I think he is probably one of the most neurotic person in the world up to the level of Adolf Hitler. I have suffered mental and physical torture and brutality from him and he has tried to break me to the best of his ability but I only became more persistent in my stubbornness. He tried to make my life a living hell but he still couldn’t break my spirit. I was grounded for most parts in my life for things that weren’t even my fault due to his arrogant ignorance and oblivious naiveté. He has a habit of turning everything into a bloody competition. I have absolutely no idea how a father could be jealous of his son’s achievements. Why would he find the need to try to put me down on everything that I do in my life? He insults, patronizes, disrespects and humiliates me and doesn’t care about anything that I do. Anything that I say or do is either wrong or not good enough or somebody else is better or not worthy of acknowledgement. He does not have the tolerance or flexibility to accommodate a difference of opinion or a unique idea that desynchronizes with his belief system. He does not even want to listen to something innovative that goes against his philosophy let alone try to understand or comprehend another’s view point. He is definitely not socially intelligent or wisely mature. He has a very serious temperamental problem which has ruined his friendships and relationships. He has made a lot of enemies at his work. He has absolutely no friends and he seldom meets his relatives. I think he has a serious level of OCPD. He uses exploitation, manipulation, subjugation and domination to forward his agenda for his own selfish ambitions. His approach towards life is that of a robot whose primary directive is to make people suffer in brutal pain and disastrous agony. Apart from getting beaten by him on a 24 hour basis, he liked to insult, patronize, disrespect and humiliate me in front of the whole world because that gave him a bizarre sense of satisfaction resulting from his sadistic desire to take pleasure by hurting people. I mean taking pleasure from other people’s misery was just a routine matter for him but deliberately targeting innocent and defenseless people for sport and hurting them mentally and physically was his biggest mode of operation; I think probably the purpose of his existence or his mission of life. He is an educationist and was the principal of the school in which I was the student as well. I know; the perfect recipe for disaster. The requirements for a principal’s son were very high and quite demanding. I needed not only to be absolutely perfect like a Prophet; I needed to become a God. Meaning that I had no option of making a mistake, so I had to obviously trade my humanity to become a zombie robot devoid of any emotion and transform into this higher from of intelligence that would make me look like an super alien from another part of the galaxy. My enemies used to find ways to attack me and beat me down to the ground and the vultures used to feed of the rest of my flesh. I was a straight A grade student but that was not good enough and they wanted to take revenge on my father by hurting me for their amusement and vengeance just because my father was doing his job and he wouldn’t play ball with them for their nefarious schemes. I made a mistake once and my father insulted me in front of the class that I was in when I was just in 8th grade and the ironic or poetic part is that it wasn’t even my fault and I didn’t even do it but somebody informed a false statement about me and I was victimized and vilified by my own father who didn’t even bother to hear my side of the story or integrate a formal investigation into the matter for a possibility that I might be innocent. The reason was very simple; he wanted to prove to other people that he was unbiased and the most honest person in the history of the school who didn’t even spare his own son and now he had the perfect opportunity. A relationship is based on trust, respect, loyalty, justice, empathy, altruism, compassion and kindness of which he does not fulfill even one factor. So how do I make him understand and comprehend my situation and find a method to build an emotional and psychological connection with him that would help us progress and evolve into a better family.

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