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Two Guys, One me

Family & Relationships

Jan 5 2018, 10:27
  • Chuckles Newbie

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    I am so torn between two guys. My ex broke up with me because it was hard to do the distance thing and he thought it was best for me. He and I are currently really good friends and its great but I am starting to realize that we both still have feelings for each other. Since He and I broke up, I started dating this other guy who is SO sweet and genuine and I very much enjoy him. He has the biggest heart and a hug and a kiss from him makes the world not seem so bad. I don't know where to go from here.
  • winkey Newbie

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    Jul 25 2018, 19:21
    I am in the same situation, however I am in love with my ex who doesn't give the time of day and most likely has moved on. I am currently dating the most perfect guy, which at the time I thought I was over my ex. however, two months later I realize I still love my ex. I think its a time thing. give it time with your new man. if the feelings continue to grow for your ex tho, go after your ex. its not far for the new guy to wait around, but he should understand if you aren't interested in him anymore. lifes too short to wait around! YOU GOT IT GIRL !!!

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