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Apr 23 2017, 01:49
  • cpriest27 Newbie

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    I just moved to a new state (almost 1300 miles away from my hometown in VA) to move in with my boyfriend. Before I moved, everything seemed to be going great with us, and I was super excited to move and settle down here. But ever since I got here almost two weeks ago, I've been feeling off. I miss home, I want to go back home, he seems to be bothering me, even when he's just trying to be funny or talk to me. It's almost like I don't want to talk to him. We haven't been intimate because I don't want to, and just recently, I started to realize that I still may have feelings for an ex of mine. I realize that this sounds bad, and could be huge signs that I should just go back home, but we were doing so well before, and I don't want to just give up now, especially if these feelings of wanting to go home, and feeling bothered by his jokes and everything will go away eventually. I just don't feel like I belong here, and I don't want to just keep telling him to wait, that I'll get better, and I'll loosen up, if I won't. Maybe I'm just scared? I've never been this far from home before. Visits were always great, because I knew I was headed home in a week. But now I am "home" and it doesn't feel comfortable to me at all, like I don't even want to be here a majority of the time. Is this meant to end badly or is it just a phase of getting used to something new??

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