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Mar 20 2017, 15:53
  • tindi Newbie

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    I have no friends. The two friends I do have don't live close but would text me daily. I find I am really angry lately. They both constantly complain about their lives to the point where I feel like I am their therapist. Everything is drama, they cannot even go to the grocery store without there being a issue. I have reached my limit and I don't want to talk to them any longer. They both forgot my Birthday again this year as they were too busy complaining about themselves and I am 100% sure they don't have a clue what I have been up to because its all about them and they never ask what I am doing or how I am doing. I'm just tired of it. I have anxiety and I find I dwell on their problems to the point where I can't sleep or concentrate and I find I am getting depressed. I just think its time I let them go. Does that make me a terrible person? I have alot of happiness in my life but feel guilty for ignoring their texts the last couple of weeks.
  • Anna Newbie

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    Mar 23 2017, 15:06
    It would be okay if u keep replying them for their general texts and also suggest them to visit a counsellor of their specific problem instead of keep doing counselling by yourself! Go according to priorities! Also if you have your own tasks to accomplish than reply them when you have time or respond them with busy short text or simply delay your reply and excuse them upon their questioning by mentioning nicely any of your important task! Do remember you need to help other to the extent you afford not beyond that! Many times in your life you yourself is responsible for your mental and physical health. Good Luck!

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