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Living with an alcoholic

Family & Relationships

Feb 15 2017, 13:23
  • Andrea Newbie

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    How do you find the strength to leave someone you love when you know the situation isn't right? My boyfriend of 4 years is an alcoholic. While I still love him when he's sober, I can't stand the person he becomes when he's drunk. But...I', 45 years old, divorced and at a point in my life where I feel like no one else would want me and it's better to stay with him than be alone.
  • jenn Newbie

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    Mar 21 2017, 02:30

    it's better to stay with him than be alone.

    this is completely false. staying with him bc youre scared of being alone is a form of belittling yourself. the situation can worsen not only his actions but your emotions/mental health. consider the healthy options and getting him the help he needs. your emotions are always valid. it may not be easy to consider getting help but may definitely be worth it. you are strong and independent. you are supported by me. always willing to support and lend an ear. best of luck.JDM

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