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jealous of nurse girlfriend with her patients

Family & Relationships

Nov 8 2016, 11:53
  • DA2016 Newbie

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    My girlfriend of 6 months is an RN at a hospital. When she talks about her tasks at work, which include bathing the men, inserting things into their penis, etc. I get very jealous and lose my desire for her to touch me. How do I overcome this?
  • Min Newbie

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    Feb 2 2017, 13:00
    I'm sorry you're having difficulties with jealousy. It is a very difficult issue to overcome. Work on the trust in the relationship, let your trust be relaxed and generous. I think trust is the greatest gift you can give in a relationship. Partners shouldn't feel like they have to prove themselves to be trustworthy. Perhaps reflecting on what sex means, what our bodies mean, what her work means will help you. The work she is doing is in a caring capacity. Our bodies complete so many other functions rather than purely sexual. Just because she is treating a sex organ does not make it sexual. I know it can be difficult but try to celebrate the work she does. Its an admirable field of work.

    Jealousy ruined a relationship I was in. My ex had very close relations with females, he had a lot of close female friends. It was difficult for me but in hindsight now I know that was part of him that I fell in love with.

    If you do decide to talk with her about how you feel about it be aware of how you are saying what you say. I never experienced a problem from when a partner has just voiced a vulnerability, such as "I know its surprising but I find it difficult how close you are to other men's bodies. I know you haven't done anything wrong but I just want to voice it because I'm having difficulties dealing with the feeling. I really appreciate the line of work you're in."

    What does make a situation difficult is if a partner suppresses this feeling and than bursts out with anger at an inopportune moment.

    So whether you voice it with her depends on how difficult you find it to handle the emotion.

    Best of luck, I hope you find a way to deal with this difficult emotion.

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