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Did I Make the right decision?

Family & Relationships

Jan 21 2016, 21:31
  • izzy_cortez Newbie

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    I am 18 and i recently broke up with my very controlling boyfriend of 2 years. He is in the marines and was stationed 1,000 miles away from me. I planned and even got accepted to a college 20 minutes away from him. I did it so we can start our life together and be closer. That guy was my everything. he was loyal, he supported me, loved me, showered me wiht affection, everything i wanted in a guy. However he started to become controlling. he would tell me i cannot wear certain things because they "show too much" i wasnt allowed to have guy friends in real life as well as social media. if i did not reply to his texts within 5 minutes he would freak out. so i got tired of it and left. I did not want to but i thought i deserved better and everyone told me so. it has been about a week since we broke up and the whole time i felt like i made the wrong decision. i felt like i gave up on my everything. I decided to text him to work things oout but it was far too late. he requested to be moved out of the country and says he cant be with me because i broke his heart by leaving. i regret making this decision but everyone has been saying it was the right one. i need help coping with this. i think about it all day everyday and i lost the love of my life.
  • JohnRucker Newbie

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    Jan 22 2016, 07:29
    You did something good buy breaking up its not so easy to live with suck kind of people.
  • nia Newbie

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    Jan 31 2016, 01:00
    Right now it may be hard. But you did the right thing. Breakups are hard. for everyone.
    But after a while it'll be okay. you did the right thing by breaking up. whenever you start doubting that, think about the hard times he put you through
  • winkey Newbie

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    Jul 25 2018, 19:26
    I am currently in the same situation. how did it work out?

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