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Feb 4 2013, 14:22
  • Ive been married for about two years,and last year. I got back in contact with an old friend from school, who happens to be a guy. I've been talking to him ever since, well up until recently when i asked him to not contact me. Well a couple weeks ago he called to tell me he had a new number. My husband answered, and basically things went from bad to worse. But i told my husband when i came into contact with him, and he didn't say anything. So i assumed it was okay, since he talks to his female friends all the time. Well needless to say he was angry, even angrier when he found my friend had been to the house twice for the span of one hour. Oh and that i hugged him. He says he forgives me, but won't stop with the comments. I never had anything but a platonic relationship with my old friend. So here i am, asking if anyone has any advice for me.
  • Michael0658 Contributor

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    Feb 9 2013, 01:28
    Invite your friend over when your husband is there and then he will see the nature of your relationship (with your old friend) and not wonder about it.
    If he keeps making "comments" say you are going out to find better company and invite your old friend along. Then go someplace public. Call your husband and invite him to come discuss the comments in public (with winesses).
    Sorry if these seems like a flip suggestion, but I'm kind of running out of gas tonight. Good luck. Sure would have been nice if you had found out your husband was so insecure and hypocritical before you married him.

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