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I lost my mom and my health went down the hill

Eating Disorders

Oct 19 2013, 09:57
  • Annie Newbie

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    I just lost my mom two months ago (less than two months actually) she was my best friend....she left a hole on me...and all the work I had done in therapy for three years to get me started on a diet and get me going to doctors to actually take care of myself has gone down the hill...I dont want to come back to my usual doctor...she used to push me really hard and I feel I am not ready for that, already cancelled an appointment ...also therapy us not an option right now because of how much it costs but also ...being honest because I dont want to do that either...
    I feel lazy, jumpy, sad, not all the time though but ...I had started eating whatever again, knowing that I cant because I have diabetes type 2 and overweight...
    I dont have many friends just one but she has a child and cant be with me much...I have no relatives except for my dad but he has his issues too and most of the time he calls to tell me he is so sad about mom's loss...
    My husband works all day I have no children...I really dont know what to do, my job is just a few hours and I work at home...dont even feel like working more...honestly...I dont know what to do...
    Please help? thank you!

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