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Dont know if this falls in this catagory

Eating Disorders

Jul 24 2013, 21:22
  • Roxymuffin79 Newbie

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    Hi there I'm not too sure if this falls into the eating disorder category but here goes I've never been a huge eater from a small child and was very thin at school then after having children gained weight and at my heaviest was very unhappy, tried the starving myself but got too hungry and had to eat, have a phobia of vomiting so didn't go down that route, ive recently lost a lot of weight due to stress and although still overweight for my height I love my size the thing is when I eat I feel like im dying even if I don't fill myself up I try not to do this as I panic that the full feeling I hate it, I know the only way to relieve that feeling would be to vomit but I cant do this I hate being sick, its got to the point now where I hardly fill my appetite through fear of getting this full up feeling it really takes over me? does anyone else feel like this after eating? is it normal? x
  • Snail Contributor

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    Jan 18 2014, 17:46
    I have found that eating a lot of little things throughout the day, with plenty of time between them, can make it possible to get enough food without ever feeling anywhere near uncomfortably full. The full feeling often happens from eating too quickly, not giving the body time to register that it has had enough. The full feeling usually hits a few minutes after a meal, and by that point, you have already eaten the food that is causing the fullness, so there is no way to escape it. It may feel temporarily harder to breathe, and your belly may feel painful and bloated when touched. It might be hard to move around without feeling nauseous. You may feel helpless and uncomfortable while waiting for your food to digest enough that it stops being miserable.

    By eating less food more often, this becomes much less likely to happen. If you were to divide your usual meals into a few smaller portions to be consumed every couple of hours, and if you were to eat them slowly so your stomach has time to register how close you are to fullness, it is possible that doing so might allay some of your concerns about getting full. I can't guarantee that it will work, but it is worth a try.

  • Snail Contributor

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    Jan 18 2014, 23:51
    I was just thinking something. It is possible that this is a medical issue rather than purely a psychological one. I have heard that ulcers or intestinal issues can sometimes cause anxiety. It might not hurt to have a doctor take a look if you think this might be the case.

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