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eating cake makes me sick

Eating Disorders

Jan 14 2013, 21:15
  • Brandi Contributor

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    I have had an eating disorder for a year. Can you belive that nobody has noticed. Nobody questions me about the massive weight loss. I have a wife and a child. I work 40 hours a week. Yet nobody has said a word to me. This year may lead into 10 years and I think i could get away with it. I can see my bones through my skin, and I love it. I just dont get it. I wouldn't say that I hide it, after all I am a 26 year old adult and I will do what I want to my own body. So i guess my question is do they notice and not say anything or do they notice and think i look better this way and dont say anything because they dont think anything is wrong with it?
  • Olive Newbie

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    May 2 2013, 20:36
    I had somewhat of a similar experience as you, but I realized after I put back on the weight that the majority of people never said anything because they didn't want to offend or encourage the extreme weight loss. It was disappointing to find out how many people had been looking at me disapprovingly without my knowledge, and I wish that I had surrounded myself with better people. But I learned from it. During the time of being so underweight, I thought the same as you though, thinking perhaps they didn't say anything because they thought I looked better that way.

    Later on, there were quite a few times where people would come up to me exclaiming, "You're so skinny!" with a huge smile on their face. It was very misleading, because those same people confessed after I gained weight to being extremely concerned about me and found me uncomfortably skinny. A lot of my close friends abandoned me during this time as well, and I later found out it was because of how tiny I had become. I hope this helps answer your question. You can't trust their silence, it can only mean they are worried about how skinny you've become, and for some reason find not saying anything will help.
    • consider Helpful Friend

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      May 15 2018, 16:27
      Sadly not saying anything, doesn’t really help. It really enables people to continue to do not healthy actions. Some people don’t know how to tell you to stop or how to have you stop without hurting you.
  • Jun 18 2018, 02:37
    Trust me Brandi they might not notice, but soon enough they will. And they should, now I know how hard it is to realize stuff when it comes to eating disorders but you really need help. There is a quote about anorexia that goes,"Just because you know you’re colorblind doesn’t mean you can see the colors." You should tell your wife, and if you have a therapist tell them. If you don't have a therapist get one. It's almost impossible to recover alone. I know I sound stupid but trust me. Do you love your family? How about your kid. Most people live around 70-80 years. But if you continue this, you'll die at 26. The highest killing mental sickness is eating disorders. Which is a survival rate of 10%. You sound like you have a beautiful family and even if you don't remember PEOPLE CARE FOR YOU. I don't know you and I'd hug you if I could right now. This isn't coming from a middle-aged women who has fulfilled their life. I'm just a teenager who had combated this. Please take it into consideration.

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