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So hungry

Eating Disorders

Nov 17 2010, 14:49
  • Foodlovesme Newbie

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    I really dont know what I can do Im completely having a breakdown because I havent ate anything in 4 days.. I`m so hungry but I look so fat and I know I need to lose the weight.. I need to talk to someone can anyone give me advise?

  • consider Helpful Friend

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    May 15 2018, 21:02
    It’s what happens when wisdom doesn’t substain you to not feel hunger. All I can say is don’t give into the large appetite of hunger because if you do, you don’t overcome gluttony.
  • DanaChambers Newbie

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    May 25 2018, 00:37
    Have you lost weight? Skipping meals will not provide weight loss. You can go for exercises to lose pounds. I would also suggest you to eat healthy from . You can find various recipes on the livre minceur that will help you attain a healthy body.

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