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Divorce & Separation

Jun 14 2017, 09:31
  • mc Newbie

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    Hello, I'm posting on here because I can't talk about this with anyone i know account of the ripple effect of pain it would create. I recently found out that my son, whom I raised and is now 19, is not my biological son. His mother and I are married and have been for 13 years. We have a daughter who is in middle school. There is much more to our story, but I'm just wanting to open up and see what someone outside of my circle would think about this. I just want to do what is honorable and right for everyone involved and I am not sure what that is.
  • carolina's Contributor

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    Sep 15 2018, 00:48
    I would say find true love within yourself, honor that core. True love is what we all need. It heals & bypasses all the crap. Without knowing anymore I vote you love because you can. Pray, vision, read, believe, pray & love like never before. Excercise helps thinking too among other things & gives back to you inner strength & release. I'd fall down and pray but that's just me. Sounds like more going on. imo. The very best to you! and yours.

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