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Harder than I thought it will be

Divorce & Separation

Sep 4 2016, 14:25
  • Jt Newbie

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    To keep it short. I am 36, my wife is 22. (Yeah, I know, big age difference). We met when she turned 18, I had to drive a friend's kid to her birthday party, and somehow the magic happened. I am not into people much younger than me,but with her... it was magic. We became friends, later a couple, unseparable, and it had been... magic. Around when she turned 20 she started questioning her sexuality, and I had been supportive to that. I was her first man, and we had become very-very close, I had fullfilled every role in her life, and she for me. We were like father-daughter, brother-sister, best friends, lover, I couldn't ever open up to someone like to her, and vice-versa. I understood that she is on a journey of self-discovery as a very young woman, and never had been jelous when she dated other girls. Don't think that we made three-way sex or anything like that, I am not interested. My closest friend often joked about the opportunities I miss, but... hey... Not interested. Done my share of crazy stuff back in the college when I was 18...So my girl-friend was a lesbian,yet I was her man.She started a long-distance relationship with another woman my age, we had known about each other, became even close friends. It was like that: we moved together, we lived together, we got engaged, and she had her, her lover, who was part of the family. And it worked. Amazingly it worked. We got married this march, as planned, and wanted to try for a baby. After the marriage her lover wanted to move in with us, and stupid me, I never suspected a thing. After she moved in, she turned my wife against me. My wife, young as she is, couldn't see the subtle manipulations, but I did. Anyways, suddenly I was the jerk in anything, I was the one holding her back, and so on... And one day they packed and left, and we hardly talk. One day her lover started a fight with me, and my wife one that day picked sides. I asked her lover to move back to where she came from, because this, all of us 3 living together, isn't working. From that day I was zero in my wife's eyes. Nothing. So I got married in march, her lover moved in may, june-july had been two months of fights, and at the beginning of august they left. It had been a month, and I can't gather myself together. The rent is expensive, they bills are big, when it comes to money issues, they won't help, I have to work even in the week-end, to cover everything. I sank into a depression, I seem to be unable to come out. I can't watch a movie, people talking to me bother me, I have no interest in food, Ihave no energy to cook, I rather stay hungry, and... I can't think straight. My friends and my family are supportive, they say a lot of things, but all I hear is 'blahblah, and I get tired and want to be alone... I am not suicidal, I have become a machine. I get up, go to work, come home, sit on the couch all day, smoke, repeat.

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