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Divorce & Separation

Aug 30 2016, 21:18
  • Otis Newbie

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    I am 30 years old and dated a girl for 3 years as of the 1st of August. Small background is a couple months after we began dating, I became an office of our yacht club. I did this for 3 years until this past Jan. I became Commodore top position in the club. In the mean time we had great fun boating, snowmobiling, partying, etc. When we first began dating my sister 27 (same age as my ex) was dating my best friend at the time. They dated for a year while I was dating my ex and we did a lot together. My sister moved on to a different gentlemen. My best friend at the time, I made sure to keep in touch and he was also a member at the yacht club so he still was around very frequently. This past november me and girlfriend now that have dating a little over 2 years got in an argument and my best friend at the time coddled her and would not let her go home with me. Me and him never spoke but very little after that. Me and girlfriend worked it out and moved on. However the last 10 months every now and then when we we would be at the club (frequently) they would stay up late when i went to bed. I explained to her it was unacceptable, she said they are with groups of people and just having fun. This went on once in awhile and we fought about it when it occurred. She explained I was always over reacting and wanting to argue over something dumb. Well just after our 3 years I went to a concert that she did not want to go. Someone sent me pictures of the two of them coming off a boat together from that night a week later. Mean while we spent the whole week together without me knowing yet (some nights sexually). after lying about it when questioned, She explained nothing happened they were just friends. she said i would have got mad if she slept on my boat since she did not go to the concert. I told her i wanted the truth, she said it was and would not apologize because she did nothing wrong, and maybe we should break it off if I didn't believe her. So For whatever reason even though I was very skeptical I was going to try and work it out. The next night she spent time with her parents till later so I went to my own home. and we talked till late on the phone. the next night I texted and called her with no response, however i knew she was at mutual friends. I suspected she was there with my ex best friend. My sister did a drive by and got caught, and he was not there. My girlfriend refused to answer my calls that night. I talked to her at work the next day and she said it was time to break it off, and stated there was nothing going on with my ex best friend again. I asked her if we should still go to the commodores ball together that weekend and she said yes. i asked her if we could meet that night and make sure that is what we wanted. she said yes. we met went for a walk and to a baseball game and i spent the night at her house. nothing was brought up by either side. next day she knew i had to go to a bachelor party for a mutual friend. she texted me a couple times to see how it was going, etc. the next next morning day of ball, I called and texted, no response until 2pm when it started at 5pm. (in the mean time I got information she was with my ex- best friend the night before while i was at party) I did not text her back and got another date. she was expecting to go and i believe she was on her way to the ball to meet me when some of her friends texted her that I had arrived with another date. In the mean time I told everyone she was caught 2 timing me and thats why she was not present and I had a different date. Since she did not go to ball she spent the night with my ex best friend at a festival. she texted me the next day and stated it was nice you had a date last night and unfriended me on face back. I thoguht you were in love. Then few hours later i seriously hate you i know what you did last night. i went to the local festival and was talking to our boating friends and they were spotted walking towards us and noticed me and walked the other way. We have the same circle of friends and had a labor day trip planned.

    My question is I'm almost certain her and her new boyfriend are staying on a mutual friends boat that the trip was planned with. I would be going single and this 3 year break is fresh less than week for both us. However i know it was going on longer with ym ex best friend. Do I go on this trip? It will be hard but i don;t want to give them the impression I backed down. Since I got the last laugh my embarassing her since everyone expected her to be at the ball and I told everyone what happened. I just dont know what to do.

    Ps i will have no use for the friends that planned to shack them up in front of me knowing how it went down and fresh it is to me.

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