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LOST and dont know what to do

Divorce & Separation

Jun 24 2015, 10:36
  • the1lost guy Newbie

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    I'm lost and dont really know what to do. My Wife and I have been together for almost 12 yrs and married almost 6. I recently had suspension that she was cheating. I brought it up, and she had a stroy and I just had that gut feeling. I looked into it somemore and she kept denying it for 2 mths. I finally decided to talk to the guy my self and see if he would talk to me. He did and he told me everything. I have talked to her since then and found out that they have been talking for 3 yrs. The other guy says that they talked in a manor they shouldnt have been if she was married, she denies that. She has also accepted various gifts he mailed to her. The hurt and pain is bad. I feel that it was made worse by her liying for 2mths about it happening, she then lied about the time frame that they talked, i feel that she is liying about the conversations that took place, and she lied about the gifts that she got. I just dont really know what to do. I dont trust her, and can hardly beleive anything she says right now. I have thought about calling it quits, but she had made it clear that SHE wants to work it out. Just lost and looking for advice on to what to do.

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