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Tortured By Ex

Divorce & Separation

Mar 25 2014, 23:43
  • Littlelove Newbie

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    Im Sorry Guys this is long:

    We moved to idaho the week my son was born. We lived here for one year and decided to go to california to visit my husbands family. The first night we got there he beat me pretty bad out of no were. As time go's on he became very mean to me.He then later tries to kidnap our son and not let me see him saying he decided they are going to stay in california. I Got my son back and we went back to idaho were we are residents. Since then he has only checked up on his son once in the month we have been here. That was a 3 minute skype call. He has sent me very harsh messages on facebook and left me threatening voice mails. He refuses to pay any of the lawyer fees even tough he is the none that wanted the seperation. Some of the messages have gone like this: He filed his taxes after knowing i filed mine and claimed my son. He refused to belive it and threatened to call the IRS and say my mom did it
    2. He found out tere was a cps case that he had started and it had been closed within 4 days because they saw no issues on how i care for my son.
    3 he threatens to call the cops because of "parental alienation" which is not going on he just refused to check on his son.

    TODAY he called the cops to have them check on my son. The moment they saw him they knew there were no issues.

    I Meet with my lawyer about th divorce tomorrow for the first time.

    I Just want to know what i should do about all this. I Want to get full custody because my sons father is only 20 and drinks among other things. My husbands father does drugs in the same household. and my husband is to lazy to get a job(it took 9 months for him to go to the temp agency in idaho)

    any opinions on what i should do or anything?

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