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really hurting inside

Divorce & Separation

Jan 6 2014, 03:27
  • Hi all I've just joined this group today not knowing how to deal with the hurt of my wife who I really love with all my heart doesn't wanna be with me anymore a lot of feelings inside I'm losing weight can't sleep please anybody out there I need advice
  • Jan 6 2014, 17:46
    Hey, I don't have much experience at this since I have never been married or separated. But in 5 months I will be married and I'm afraid that one day this might happen.
    I just want to say that i understand you. I know how it feels to love someone with all your heart and I imagine how hard it is to have this. I don't know what went wrong in your relation. Have you discovered it yet? Did you do something wrong? If I were in your situation, I would try to talk to her calmly about the situation and doing my best to make this work, even if that means having to change or put an effort in it. Fight for her.. If she doesn't come back...Let her go and be kind to yourself.
    I do hope you two will work it out.
  • Liz Contributor

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    Jan 7 2014, 02:02
    Try to understand where she is coming from and see if you both can work things out. Sometimes it seems difficult but in the end you may realize it is what was best for both of you. Your health is important and you also dont want to show her how negative it is affecting you because you dont want her to pity you, but want to work it out because she loves you. I think that you both need to talk about working through it, and if that is not possible then you have to try your best to get through it. A person once told me "Life is like a mountain, you either get around it, walk through it, or get over it" Either way you will get to the other side.
  • Jan 7 2014, 06:19
    To the 1st reply thank you but what I would like to say to you is don't let fear get in the way of happiness married life is great life just having the one you adore so close all the time at the end of the day you two must just stand together through everything there's a difference between hearing what your partner has to say then to LISTEN what he has to say communication and respect is a huge part of it when in need lean on one another and always make sure you never go to bed angry because nobody knows if they will see the new day
  • Jan 7 2014, 06:25
    To liz thank you for the advice I have tried everything where I am just at a point of giving up getting over the hurt and looking to the future the hardest part is we have a daughter together who means the world to me I hate waking up in the morning not seeing her it kills me I've tried everything to make things right just this past sunday she is overjoyed when seeing me beg and in pain a big part of me thinks she has somebody else in her life because she's gone very secretive where as before we were always open to each other its as if I don't even know the women I got married to the lady I fell inlove with she literally changed towards me over night

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