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Addressing the elephant in the room


Aug 6 2018, 12:46
  • Amrob Newbie

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    So I was raised by my grandmother who was the only mom i knew growing up. my biological mom which is her daughter was never around. My grandmother's children pretty much left her because she wasnt and this is hard for me to say a nice person. I was the last child in her house. She drank every weekend and now thinking back to those years she had mental health issues that when without being resolved. During this time in my life I was the only one there to help her pick up the pieces as well as receive the blunt of all her anger she held in. When she spank me she would go over board. She would even grab me by my hair and slap me. A couple of times she would slap me in my mouth blood would come out. She passed away in 99 when i was 18. I've been protecting her image by trying to be perfect even as we speak. its ruining my life why an i still letting a death woman run and ruin my life. when i have alcohol her name or a story about my childhood with her triggers something in me that turns me into a horrible drunk where my husband has to pick up the pieces. i dont want to put my family through this. Is it ok to hate what my grandmother did to me because me even bringing this up feels like i'm disrespecting her. hey but typing this out and seeing it feels alot better like i can breath.

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