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I feel alone


Mar 9 2018, 16:45
  • Swann Newbie

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    Hello, so... Two years ago I did an exchange year abroad and then went back to my home town for a month and moved again to another country. I have been in here for 7 months and started college and made some friends, but I feel very alone still. It's a fucking friday night and I'm writing about this in this website therefor you know I'm not lying. I don't believe I'm depressed, but I'm definitely sad about my situation. I always had problems making friends because I'm very shy and my current friends are always doing something else and can't hangout so I'm always alone, even though I live with my mom and aunt. They are great and I love them ,but it isn't the same as having friends to go out and have fun. I don't know what do to about my state of loneliness and I need some help.
  • sapna1 Newbie

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    Jul 19 2018, 03:50
    Being a counselor, I would be happy to help you. You can write me on or WhatsApp on +91 8446229088.
    My profile can be viewed here -
    • Pumba Contributor

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      Jul 23 2018, 20:58
      Hi sapna is it possible I can write you as well
  • Pumba Contributor

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    Jul 23 2018, 20:59
    I can completely relate family is good but me personally being alone for so long im not sure how to approach people naturally in public
  • ronald Newbie

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    Jan 31 2019, 15:17
    i live with my two kids and my wife and often feel im alone and not understood and ignored

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