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Depression Lost and Hurt


Jan 16 2018, 17:07
  • Rgon Newbie

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    Hello everyone hope someone here could help me out. I married a woman that had a child prior on meeting me. I raised the child as if was my child. I first met the child when she was 6 years old and now she is 17 years old. I done everything for her. My wife and I had our own child too she is now 7 years old. Before my wife and I got married we were dating and had our ups and down. I caught her cheating and so did i. I changed my habits and gave her all my heart and soul to her. When I thought everything was going good i found out she was talking to someone while i was in basic training for my job that i was gone for 5 months. I called her cell phone one day and some guy answered not once but twice. I came home for christmas and we had sex and then when i return back she tells me she was pregnant since then we were happy. Till recently when the father of my step-child try to get in contact with my step-daughter. She does not want to do anything with him because she realize he was never in her life. My wife finds him on facebook and post a comment on his page. He returns back saying they slept together and that the baby is his. I am heartbroken. I found out about that comment thru my friends facebook. My wife just told me about the comment she posted but nothing about the child being his or the sex they had. She said that she lost love in him long time ago. I am lost.. Dont know what to do. The daughter that i have the one i raised and was there for her birth may not be mine. I am heart broken.. Please i need help ..

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