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Help me understand and help myself


Sep 16 2017, 11:37
  • Yasemin Newbie

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    I want to understand why I require so much attention from my husband and I want to learn how to function like a normal person without it whenever he's at work, not here, were arguing...etc. if he doesn't CONSTANTLY hold me and talk to me and notice me somehow by kissing me, holding my hand, hugging me, talking to me..etc.. I literally get so depressed that I jus lay there, won't eat (don't have an appetite) and I start thinking the worst thoughts even if its only been 5 minutes without him. I jus stop functioning and I completely stop caring about myself. And he's the only one and only thing that can help me in those moments. Why do I get like this and how do I help myself with this?
  • kaokore Newbie

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    Oct 16 2017, 21:07
    I'm the same way with my fiance and I'm male shes been away 2 weeks im about togo crazy have about 2 to 3 panic attacks a day. Have you ever had anyone leave your life abruptly or history of any kind of abuse
    • Dona Newbie

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      Oct 31 2017, 15:07
      Seem like you are not able to function without the attention of your husband. what was it like before you got married? how did you function?

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