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Jun 14 2017, 08:43
  • I really could use everyone support I am feeling very lonely and super upset. I am just so ready to give up on my life. Both of my parents are always so mean to me. My dad is always saying mean hurtful things to me everyday. I told him if he doesn't have anything nice to say to me then keep his big mouth close. He never has anything nice to me. I also feel like I can't even go to my own mother for support. She acts like she doesn't care at all. She makes everything a lot worse. Please somebody help me. I am in my bedroom right now lights are off and I am crying my eyes out.
  • tshay Newbie

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    Jul 15 2017, 22:46
    Sweetie, I have had the same thing happen to me. My parents would be hateful and wouldn't talk to me at all. In the end I quit trying to be near them or talk to them. I would avoid them as much as I could. Deep down your parents love you. Everyone's does. Just try talking to them about it, about what they're doing. If they don't care just steer clear of them all together. That's what I had to do.
  • Eternal Sadness Helpful Friend

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    Jul 31 2017, 20:21
    Yes, my mother is still alive and the way that she interacts with me is still painful. My father was a calm, decent man and I am sorry he has passed. I have to remind myself that she went through different experiences (grew up at the end of the Great Depression) and had a different parenting issue (her parents were ill and dirt poor) and that her way of criticizing constantly is her, not me. Her defensiveness when I point it out is here, not me.

    If I got through it, you can. It's very hard on parents to deal with us as we grow up. Find a way to get away, find your own friends and job, and don't share with her so that you have a healthy system to interact in. I know when mom is catty and cruel and I keep my distance then. It also helps me to keep distance because my mom has to seek other "targets" and then the targets come up to me and say "I finally get all your complaints about your mother."

    Best of luck.

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