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Jan 30 2013, 11:06
  • kitty Newbie

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    I m a 22 yr old girl n currently a student,however much i try to be happy with my life i cant.i m quite shy n cant socialise well.i feel comfortable with a small group of ppl,but when it comes to a large gathering i go completely quiet n start feeling depressed at my inability to b a part of it.i also feel conscious in frnt of ppl,and i get a vibe that they are judging me al the time.n also i shudder at the thought of public speaking.i have been like this my entire childhood n nevr mingled much.whenever my parents used to shout at each othr(n tht ws often)i used t lock myself up n cry n thus i m accustomed t spend most of my time alone.whenever im sad i dnt lik to cry in frnt of others or discuss my problems with them coz i feel im going to expose myself n show thm my point of weakness.i gt vry sensitive whn someone criticises boyfriend is vry loving n caring bt i cnt stand him criticising me even.he's the only person wth whom im comfortable in sharing my problems,however he stays in another city n has a busy schedule, so v talk fr like twice a week only.i keep thinking abt these issues i hv n nowadays i spent nearly all my nights crying.n my tears never stop.i dont knw if i hv a major disorder or something but i need a bit of advice on hw i cn tackle my problems.thank u
  • lonelyincity Contributor

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    Jan 30 2013, 19:53
    I am a lot like you. But I am a lot older, 44 yo. I used to think like you. I wanted to be so great in big group and being expressive.
    But I learned about who I am and started to accept it and now happy with it.
    It is really about knowing yourself that you are an introvert. There are many great things being introvert. We gain strength by staying by ourself. I am friendly and people like me but I prefer to stay in small crowd or alone.It is ok to be what we are. We just have to accept who we are and be happy with it.

    And listen, it is very good to be how we are too. It is as good as being great with crowd and expressive too. It is just different. It is ok to be shy and reserved so we can take time to learn things quietly and live in a calm peace. There are many different behaviors of people everywhere too.

    Just be happy with who you are !
    • kitty Newbie

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      Jan 31 2013, 02:40
      thanks Amy,i guess u are right that im having trouble in accepting how i makes me feel better that im not a freak of nature and that there are people like me.thanks for sharing :)

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