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What is wrong with me :/


Jan 21 2013, 14:19
  • nj2kc Newbie

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    When i want to get involved with a female, I really do and go all in, rather quickly. Ill be hanging with her all the time and when time comes that i have to leave or she has to leave. I get depressed and feel real alone. Now I think she has gotten tired of me already after not even two weeks. I know it hasn't been long but i still feel. She hardly txts or calls. It hurts real bad when you open up for a relationship only to get hurt. I can hardly eat right now... Cant do any hobbies i would do. I've been in my room on my computer writing a letter. About me, I'm 26, white, male, living in the midwest from New Jersey. I think i have something with me whether it be a personality disorder or something. Now i have thought about "help" but its real tough for me in my line of work because of the stigma and if it was revealed i have a personality disorder, Then that could be it in regards of my career. Im not a socially awkward, I think im liked by many people. Think im attractive and a charmer but it all goes downhill when the relationship actually starts. Either they get tired of me or I at times get tired of them. I love my family and close friends but other then that, Am i unable to love or something? Hell i dont know. Thank you
  • polaris Contributor

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    Jan 28 2013, 14:10
    Hello, Im not actually sure how this works, I guess interacting is a start on here right? Im from Cali, I just turned 28, Im married, my husband and I have known each other for over 16 years, together over 8 and married for 2years. We have no children yet. I just found out he has a cell phone I never knew he had and there was disturbing images on there, also apparently while Im at work he meets up with other females, I dunno what to do, when I got into the relationship my biggest fear was that he was going to get tired of me. All I wanted to do was love to love, so, whats going on with you I understand. Look at one thing you wrote though, you said you dont know why maybe they get tired but then you say you yourself do the same thing sometimes towards the women you date, wouldnt that be an answer answered within your own question?

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