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Toxic Relationship


Apr 2 2019, 16:34
  • Stella Newbie

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    Meet a guy found out he was married in another country with a family after year one. Convinced me that it wasn't real. He lied about his age too. I found boxes of condoms in his room and they randomly disappeared when he went on a trip. He told me that he didn't know what happened to them. He has been ill for the past week and is avoiding me. He says that he would like to talk today but I feel as though he will break up with me. He blames for all his stress but he constantly lies to me about everything under the sun. Every time I ask a question about a red flag he says that I love drama and I am the downfall of the relationship bc I apparently have trust issues. Nothing is ever resolved, questions are never answered truthfully. Feels as though I'm losing it sometimes. Feeling heartbroken and hopeless. Not sure what to do after he break up with me. He was my first everything.
  • ferrelljrwa Newbie

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    Apr 19 2019, 12:56
    I understand what you are going through, I have gone through similar recently. The OCD that takes over to find the truth is the hard part to overcome. You drives the brain crazy with thoughts and ideas. The only way to better yourself mentally would be to walk away.
  • VasilenaHr Newbie

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    May 7 2019, 04:03
    It will be good for you to answer some questions - Is this relationship good for you? Are you better person in it? Is he making you growing up like a woman, like a person?
    Also is this the best thing that you can have in your love life?
    But the greatest question is - what is your opinion for you at all? Because when you have a stable "rating"for yourself, you can have the dreaming relationship.

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