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What steps are you taking towards overcoming codependency?


Apr 13 2016, 01:06
  • Mossy Contributor

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    I'd like to frame this thread in a positive way by letting us list what steps we have taken to help overcome codependency. I'm a newbie to having this label/insight of being codependent. I've been reading lots of books, web articles, and getting information from Codependents Anonymous.

    A couple weeks ago I attended my first "CoDa" - Codependents Anonymous 12-step meeting. I made note of all the weekly CoDa groups available in my city and where they are held. I will try several groups to see if there is one group of people I resonate with more than others.

    So, other co-dependents out there, what have you found to be useful in helping overcome codepedence? Thanks!
  • consider Helpful Friend

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    May 16 2018, 01:34
    Don’t enable others by purchasing, driving or supplying sinful ways, ideas, things, drugs, food, touch, bad words, discouraging others from doing good. Don’t influence others to continue to do the bad they confessed to doing even if you don’t know they actually did what they said they did or not. Reading the Bible. Not over caring for people. Don’t under care for people. Don’t engage in doing same bad actions or deeds they confused to doing.
  • carolina's Contributor

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    Sep 15 2018, 00:05
    First day here….

    What helps is big. I have certain categories for my different moods in playlist I created on youtube.

    I also read my bible, mark in my Bible & talk it out to the One it's about.

    I suffer from PTSD not from military but life & I also feel I have been dealing with severe depression most of my life.

    Hope carries me from one day to the next. It's weird to have both faith that gives hope & depression to me so I'm here trying to kick the blues. Loneliness.

    If codependency is a result from a lack of self worth & identity due to life not asked for mixed with a gift of compassion, caring, devotion, faith in the One true God with untrained boundaries I think I qualify as a codependent.

    I'm hear to learn, grow & heal.

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