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My spouse is bipolar

Bipolar Disorder

Apr 18 2018, 19:09
  • Hey guys! I want some advice on how to understand my spouses illnesses more, he's manic bipolar, manic depressive, he has anxiety and PTSD. And things change on a daily bases. I tell him all the time I love him and I try to push him to do his best and let him know I support him no matter what he decides to do.
    I think my son (3yrs) triggers alot of his triggers. So he is now in daycare while I'm at work, because its straining their relationship which is straining our relationship. Has anyone been thru this? Does it get better? Will my son grow out of his horrid behaviors? Will my spouse be able to grow closer to him?
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    May 16 2018, 01:07
    Bipolar has to do with feeling emotions too quick and or at the wrong times. It is it a fasting and prayer solution to where he would discipline himself to have self control over when he should feel emotions at the right and proper time. He can even test if he should feel the emotion at this situation and how he should feel and reaction to that situation. It is something that fasting and praying can fix. They don’t tell you this about bipolar problems and what really causes the bipolar emotion control problems. Sometimes it is a spirit manipulation problem, sometimes it is another sin problem that causes a self control with emotions. The way to correct it is for wisdom to put him back at his proper times with fasting- where you stop eating and drinking fluids for 40 day’s and nights to be free of why his emotions are not at the proper times and or why he lost control over his emotions.
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    May 16 2018, 01:11
    Find out if the child is overeating or consuming by asking Kesus,god and or wisdom about if it is your child’s proper time to consume and if you come to the answer I don’t know when, that is when he or she has to fast until wisdom puts you back at your proper times to consume foods and fluids. Sadly not enough people recieve the moral lessons about fasting. It is wry important forctesisting sins and being holy and pure. Not consuming has a lesson about love without food that does no harm to the body, spirit and the mind.
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    May 16 2018, 01:15
    The truama has a way to endure, withstand and how to go about living without others preventing you from being well. Sadly not all counselors help people workout the after maths of traumas that affect people emotionally, psychically and the spirit. the spirit part a lot of times gets neglected because it has to done for free where no body pays because the devil tries to make people fail because of money is the root of all evil, money ruins people’s lives for several different reasons.

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