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Bipolar Disorder

Apr 9 2013, 14:11
  • TaraLyn91 Newbie

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    I have been having issues with mood swings a lot within the last few months. I am constantly, easily irritated for absolutely no reason and the next moment I am completely fine like nothing happened. My husband feels that I am unloving towards him because of my constant mood swings and we fight a lot because of it. I just don't understand how things have gotten so bad in such a short time. So much has changed in the last few months that I don't even recognize myself anymore. I used to be motivated and full of so much love. But now I am the opposite. I love my husband more than words could explain, but I am so sad about the situation we are in and sometimes I feel like giving up because I don't know what else I can do. But every time I take a step back and look at the situation at hand, I feel that the first step to fixing where we are at is to fix whatever is wrong with me. I am starting to fear that I am bipolar but I can't afford to see a doctor. What steps can I take to figure out what is going on with me?
  • KiwitheKoala Contributor

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    Jun 25 2013, 17:18
    I would call a nearby hospital or look up certain options in seeing a psychiatrist for people without insurance. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 when I was 15, and stopped taking meds from age 18 to 23 (just got back on them and take Abilify). You may not have ANY symptoms for months to years at a time. I would only feel irritable and depressed for a short period of time, but normally felt "okay, happy, and sometimes hyper". Its important to at least get tested because over time the illness gets worse. I am a realtor, model, and was working at a well-established law firm... was paddleboarding and running 5k races on the weekends. FULL life.. and then I started freaking out OUT OF NOWHERE... one day I drank too much wine and ended up taking too many pills and had to go to the hospital.. that's when I got back on meds. It creeps up on you if you let it go untreated for too long. It maybe something else you are going through, or have, but at least get tested so you know and it might be able to save your marriage. I hope this helps in some way, and that things get better for you :)

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