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Bipolar Disorder

Aug 19 2012, 08:34
  • I am currently diagnosed bipolar-nos and lately I've been on a complete agitated, rage, pissed off mood and I don't understand why. The past couple days have been hectic for me and it seems to be eating at me and I feel it can lead to a drastic conflict. I know that there isn't a main cause to the way I have been feeling. Just before this mood has overcame me, I had been having the best days in my life (as it felt). I met a young lady that has been sweet and such a doll. I usually don't let small things get to me but lately it seems they do, and I try to ignore them knowing that it's pointless to get mad at them. For an example, My mother told me that I would get paid a small amount of money to clean the garage, which I did about a week ago. She still hasn't paid me. Usually I would care less about if I got it or not, but it's eating at me for some unusual reason. The rage has been building and I can't seem to find a single way to vent. It has came to the point where I want to hurt someone or even myself just to be satisfied. I recently had thoughts of self-mutilation but didn't act upon them. What is the reason I'm feeling this way suddenly? I've been in this sort of mode before, but it had a cause to the effect. Now it seems to have come from nowhere. Any thoughts on why it's happening or advise how to pacify it?

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    Aug 19 2012, 11:52
    recent change in doses or type of meds? I suggest ER. Safety first.
  • Aug 19 2012, 16:26
    I haven't been prescribed any medications. I went and seen a psychotherapist and I then stopped going to my appointments before my first appointment with a doctor. So it has no affect from medication or prescriptions of any sort.

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    Aug 19 2012, 17:52
    This is from wikipedia. It speaks of extreme agitation with a manic episode:

    Manic episode
    Main article: Mania
    Mania is the signature characteristic of bipolar disorder and, depending on its severity, is how the disorder is classified. Mania is generally characterized by a distinct period of an elevated mood, which can take the form of euphoria. People commonly experience an increase in energy and a decreased need for sleep, with many often getting as little as three or four hours of sleep per night, while others can go days without sleeping.[8] A person may exhibit pressured speech, with thoughts experienced as racing.[9] Attention span is low, and a person in a manic state may be easily distracted. Judgment may become impaired, and sufferers may go on spending sprees or engage in behavior that is quite abnormal for them. They may indulge in substance abuse, particularly alcohol or other depressants, cocaine or other stimulants, or sleeping pills. Their behavior may become aggressive, intolerant, or intrusive. People may feel out of control or unstoppable, or as if they have been "chosen" and are "on a special mission" or have other grandiose or delusional ideas. Sexual drive may increase. At more extreme phases of bipolar I, a person in a manic state can begin to experience psychosis, or a break with reality, where thinking is affected along with mood.[10] Some people in a manic state experience severe anxiety and are very irritable (to the point of rage), while others are euphoric and grandiose.
    To be diagnosed with mania according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a person must experience this state of elevated or irritable mood, as well as other symptoms, for at least one week, less if hospitalization is required.[11]
    Severity of manic symptoms can be measured by rating scales such as self-reported Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale[12] and clinician-based Young Mania Rating Scale.[13]

    Anxiety and irritability also go with depression.
  • Maggie Contributor

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    Aug 20 2012, 00:40
    Kevin, just ask your mother for payment, maybe she forgot, we all have a lot of shit to deal with maybe she is dealing with her own. it sounds like you don't like to confront people. Don't be angry!!! Ask nicely, it is not always about you!!!!!
  • Jealousy Newbie

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    Mar 5 2013, 21:45
    Hey, I don't know if I'm Bipolar or not, I cry for no reason and sometimes I'm mean to my twin sister, when all she does is try to be there for me and give me love and affection, I'm going through alot with the boy I like (He doesn't know)a nd some of my friends, I get really angry for no reason and I just want to be by myself I don't like it when anyone supports me either, is something wrong with me?

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