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Partner is bipolar

Bipolar Disorder

Aug 2 2012, 11:35
  • ccampria Newbie

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    My partner of 10 years has just been diagnosed with a mood disorder/bipolar. She had been depressed and anxious so I suggested she go to a psychiatrist and as a result he's determined that she's always been bipolar but supressed her feelings all this time and therefore I never knew she was struggling with this issue in the 10 years we've been together. She is moody, but I thought that's just the way she was--never imagined it was a disorder. The doctor prescribed strong meds and I'm a bit concerned that she's not going to end up like a zombie as a result of these medications. She gets very sleepy at the end of the day (9pm) and has that "stoned" look on her face throughout the day. I am scared that she's going to become someone else or worse. How do family members of bipolar people cope? Appreciate any advice.

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    Aug 2 2012, 12:39
    The Last Psychiatrist blog, written by a psychiatrist, says that mood stabilizers may not be necessary even if one is bi-polar. Check it out- there's a search box so you can look up bi-polar or mania...

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