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Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Aug 31 2016, 18:29
  • T. Q. Newbie

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    I'm married to a wonderful husband. He's very understanding but I think I need help. I have some social anxiety but I have a problem saying no to anyone or fighting for myself. I've recently discovered I will fly into a rage at people for disrespecting him. Including his adult children. Anyone is allowed to abuse me and I turn the other cheek. I literally pulled a gun on his 19 year old son. Forced him to move out. Which needed to happen but I didn't lose it until he cursed at my husband. This is not the first time I've lost control. My ex wouldn't talk to me about my daughters serious problem we were having. Cps was getting involved and I was in panic mode. He blocked me over a matter of money for my daughters summer camp. I couldn't reach him. He had his half his age girlfriend meet me at the door. Saying anything involving the kids she was to handle. I lost it. I started screaming and she slammed the door in my face. I commenced to beating his door with a small shovel. That was the first time in my life I've felt such rage. I gave up on him and took care of it myself. Thank god nothing came of cps with my daughter. Since those two incidents when I feel anxiety I shut down. I hide in my room. Or I did like I did today. I ran away. I had my husband tell my best friend I couldn't see them today. Left my kids with her and took off. Husband is with me now I can't move from this table at a restaurant. I had a fit of anxiety hit me when state comptroller called me with a problem. Over the last few days my anxiety has been building. I feel like I'm going to fly apart and attack scream and rage. My history involves a very controlling ex husband and parents. I never was even allowed to have my own money even though I've always worked. Now I'm not controlled I'm losing mine. Please help me understand my problems and self control.
  • tshay Newbie

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    Jul 15 2017, 22:52
    What I would suggest is... trying to talk to someone professionally about it. My mom experienced the same thing almost but a little different. It takes time to become not so panicky over things. I've learned that myself. Talk to your husband about these attacks. He should understand. If he doesn't then just tell him when you feel "out of place" that you need space. It works for me and my boyfriend. He doesn't understand it but he gives me space when I need it.

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