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mentally sick

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Jun 18 2014, 01:25
  • Anu Newbie

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    the problem is not for me following problem is happening to my mother-in-law.she is now father-in-law working in abroad and so my husband,mother-in-law ,and me were at home and husband and i both were working.we are staying in rented house and six months ago,she have started the problem that our house owner and society were telling some bad thing about her behavior .she is telling that others were thinking that she is doing some illegal business and also she always saying that some guys were looking when she was in washroom and bedroom and all .but nothing was happening in our surroundings.and so we planned to move another home and so we went to another home also .by very next day she started the same problem that previous owner said details about her and same thing continuing here also.we try to console her but we lost. previous few years ago ,she had the same thing and so they have sale their own house and moved to rented house.
    please help us ,because of this problem my husband is worrying so please help us to get rid of this problem.
  • Eternal Sadness Helpful Friend

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    Jul 23 2014, 05:40
    She has paranoia, it will be hard, but I would try to get her to a mental health worker. You might word it as going to the doctor for the whole family. Second, I would not keep moving because of her delusions.

    My daughter is very paranoid because of war issues she experienced.

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