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Anxiety Issues Please Help!

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Feb 5 2014, 22:31
  • cat_crazy24 Contributor

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    Hi, I have wrote on here several times but I never really received many responses. So, I thought I would try again. I need some advice on getting along with someone with personality differences than mine. We get along sometimes but we are always battling about something. I was told to get a life earlier today, and I didn't think that helped my situation. I am out of my medication, need to pick up my refill. so that doesn't help either. I have a lot of other issues too. My doctor wants me to talk to a counselor/psychologist or psychiatrist but I haven't found anyone that I really trust or that can work with payments.
  • Eternal Sadness Helpful Friend

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    Feb 6 2014, 04:58
    I don't know where you live, but near me there is a counseling service that has sliding scale payments. Is there anything like that near you?

    I really recommend getting your meds ASAP. I don't know what I would do without mine.
  • Sarah Contributor

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    Apr 24 2014, 02:43
    Who is any one else to tell you to get a life? Guess what? You got one, straight from your mom and dad. Hold your head up, you do not have to get along with every one. If you by some chance have to work with that person remind your self they are of no consequence to you or your life. So if you feel unhappy with your life as it is, then change it and get the life you want. If you have a life you enjoy then tell the other people to get out of your life or just head, you do not even have to say it out loud just let your self know, you are the only person you have to impress.

  • cat_crazy24 Contributor

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    Apr 24 2014, 20:38
    I really don't have much of a choice to stay here because I can't afford my own apartment as I make very low income. I have tried to be on the list for apartments but it can take years. It is getting a little better but still could be improved.
  • Margaret Wise Expert

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    Apr 26 2014, 00:41
    30 % will like you. 30% will dislike or hate you. AND 30% won't care one way or the other. Its always this ratio!
  • Margaret Wise Expert

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    Apr 26 2014, 00:42
    Therefore its never anything personal!

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