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Harassed by teenagers

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Dec 16 2013, 09:28
  • Toots Newbie

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    Hello. I am harassed by a group of teenagers who have followed me and even tailgated (followed too closely). This has gone on for months and happens almost daily. I contact the Sheriff only when 'the following too closely' occurs. Since it has happened for so long, it is now getting to me. I don't know when or where it might happen again or what else the teens might do. I need some advice on staying calm on the road so that I can deal with this situation the best way I can. Please help. Thank you.
  • xena0025 Insightful User

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    Dec 17 2013, 18:49
    Hi, did you get the license plate number of the tailgating party? If you have not done so get it to the police. Try not to let the teens know that you are feeling anxious about it. Stay calm and keep a cool head. Just pretend they are not behind you and drive normally and carefully. If they start doing it again stop somewhere like a church parking lot or some public place and park for a few minutes and that should deter them . When you don't see their car anymore continue on your way. What made the teens start harassing you? Have you confronted them?

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