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I have an addiction


Oct 14 2018, 02:31
  • Hello, I am new here and I decided to finally admit I have a problem.
    I have an addiction to change. I have been this way for most of my life. I can't live in one place longer than six months without getting a strong urge (or impulse) to pack up everything and move. I can't hold down a job because after a month or so of working there I want so badly to change fields or change jobs. I can't stay in college because I keep changing between majors and I couldn't afford/couldnt finish. I am unable to sit with anything the same for two long without changing something. It's like this insanely strong impulse or urge to change something. I am trying so hard to control it but it's like the more I try the worse it gets. I just want my life to be stable but this urge keeps creeping in and I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I have lived in almost 8 places in the past 2 years. I wasn't evicted or had to move, the urge hit me like a train and I moved. Then I would be somewhere, get comfortable and it would hit me again and I would change something. I have the same problems with my schooling, jobs, and basically almost every aspect of my life. I just can't make this urge/impulse go away. I want to build a life for myself but I can't stop myself. I get relief from the urge when I change something big about my life. No matter how good or bad. But that is short lived and I end up back at square one a few months later, doing the same thing again and again. Any advice?

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