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My Strange Addiction


Jul 31 2018, 03:29
  • So I'm 21. Ages between 13-19, I had severe depression, PTSD, anxiety and low-self esteem. Needless to say, I lost my innocence worldview young and became very disillusioned with the world. I even lost my happy childhood memories prior to 13. Must have been a side-effect of C-PTSD. So after my last emotional breakdown at age 20, I started collecting the childhood toys I had as a kid. Feeling them in my hands made me remember my childhood memories. Looking at them made me feel happy. I even started to buy the toys I never had used: American girl dolls (only Samantha's collection), build a bear, and beauty and the beast Barbie. Then I fixed the broken parts. When I get bored of my old collections, I sell them online. Or I give them to little girls who come to visit. Or give them to my 8 year old sister. I have a part time job, go to school, figure skate and go to social events with friends. I'm also 5,400 in debt. Owe my boyfriend 2,000. Do I have a problem? Please let me know what you think in the comments.what should I do to handle this?

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