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Can alcohol addiction be cured?


Feb 21 2018, 22:47
  • shawnissac Newbie

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    How can I help myself to quit drinking alcohol? Alcohol is ruining my life. It has affected every aspect of my life. I lost my job, I'm in debt and my wife left me because of my alcohol addiction. I was very depressed when she suddenly left and my drinking habit got worse after that. A few days back, I vomited blood and I had severe stomach pain. My friend took me to a clinic nearby. The doctor took my complete medical history and has done several tests including the blood test. My medical history revealed my long-term alcohol use. The doctor examined the results of the tests and diagnosed liver cirrhosis in me. He warned me not to take alcohol again. I tried to stop drinking, but I couldn't stop it. My hands shiver when I don't take alcohol. When I discussed this with my friend, he suggested undergoing alcohol treatment from Vancouver ( ). Can alcohol addiction be cured? How is this treated? Please share your insights!
  • Pumba Contributor

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    Jul 23 2018, 21:26
    I'm in no shape or form a Dr. But I do know a bit about alcoholism and the toll it takes on people as well as the family around them you might be older than I am I am 25 and have been drinking for ten years I absolutely believe you can stop treatment would be a great way most of us think we can do it by ourselves but the truth is we can't kind of like the old addage it takes a village to raise a child and while we are in no sense of the word children the same concept applies I would appreciate some insight as well I'm sure you may be a bit older than me and I am currently struggling hard with the same problem except I feel like its preventing me from even obtaining a job gf etc. I would appreciate you getting back to me if not I hope all is well and take care

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