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sex addiction


May 19 2011, 12:07
  • I have always considered myself as normal.. but lately i have been have sexual urges that cause me to have sex with random people in various public places.. it all started when i was younger, i never thought about sex tell i was molested as a teenager... now i cant stop thinking about it and i need to have it all the time or i cant concentrate on work or my home life...
  • Alan Newbie

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    Aug 1 2011, 13:17
    I am going through a similar thing. I am not with random people, but am constantly trying to find someone to set something up with. I feel like I could do it all day/every day.
  • freshmonkey Newbie

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    Oct 21 2011, 00:54
    I feel the same way but i don't go for random people i think about how sex would be with random people but that is it. i try to have sex with my husband every night but sadly i get rejected most of the time. And i realized that i can work so much better if i had sex the night before cause i'm not thinking about it as bad.
  • Alexis Contributor

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    Nov 17 2011, 10:03
    I feel the same way after I got raped n molested o found my self sleeping with random ppl every other day I am stiill like this I watch porn everynight I just don't know how to get rid of the feeling
    • Chrisb Helpful Friend

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      Mar 5 2012, 12:03
      Wow how old were u when u were raped/molested? Are you having safe sex at least? I was like u and it was seriously like the hardest thing to get over! Im still not even fully there but im better off where i am now compared to where i was
  • Aug 2 2017, 20:24
    Have you tried gttn professional help? I'm just asking bcuz if ur doing it with random people tht cld get you hurt. Please be careful. I'm here if u ever need to talk.
    • Aug 2 2017, 22:01
      thanks for your concern, i have been working on myself and my strange habits. I have found a therapist, but unfortunately she dose not specialize in this kind of problems. she is listening to me and my issues and we are talking it through. i have stopped seeking out random strangers to have sex with and have resorted to just dealing with it in other fashions. again thank you for your concern.

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