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Can't stop cheating


Jul 19 2013, 01:31
  • Sarah B. Newbie

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    Hey, so I have the most amazing boyfriend, but I can not stop cheating on him. He has been away for a few months and we only were able to see each other a few times before he left, but we've been carrying on a wonderful long distance relationship.
    I seem to be completely incapable of saying no to a boy's advances.
    It disgusts me after, but when they flatter me and flirt with me, I just absolutely cannot say no.
    I have sexted and exchanged naked pictures with other men. I've grinded with another guy. It's making me feel out of control, like i can't stop. I haven't kissed anyone or done anything worse than grinding in person, although I know grinding is pretty bad.
    Ok, so what I need to know is: 1. Why the heck I am acting like this?
    And 2. How the heck can I stop?
    Any advice appreciated. Call me bad names and unfaithful if necessary, and if you do I agree 100%. I really do.
    I don't think anyone can hate me as much as I hate myself right now, to be honest.
    Ok, thanks :)
  • LucyJones Newbie

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    Aug 14 2013, 04:47
    Make a pact with yourself that no matter what you do you will be resolutely honest. If you honestly can not stop then know that whatever you do must be confessed. Tell your friends, tell your parents. Tell your boyfriend! My boyfriend was never a cheater but did things he wasnt proud of long before we met. He told me that what helped him become a better person was confession and total transparency. If he did something or even thought something he felt to be "wrong" he would tell someone. He is a habitual truth teller. He knows above else that he is honest first with himself and with others. The truth will set you free.

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