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Alcoholic Diabetic Father


Jun 14 2013, 01:55
  • Illyaria Contributor

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    My dad's alcoholism is really affecting me. I'm 21 now. I don't even drink because I don't want to be like my dad and when I do get drunk, it is so seldom. I did once on my birthday and haven't since then. I didn't even drink until I turned 21. My dad was a good dad when I was younger. He was nice. He took me fishing and spot lighting for deer. It's what he liked to do. We live on a farm so it's what you do. I just got my Associates in college and signed up to go to Chowan, a local school for my bachelors and then to JMU. However, all of the stress in my house is taking it's toll emotionally and mentally. After the first semester of Chowan, I'm going to JMU. I can't sign up now as it is too late. The deadline has passed.

    Typically my mom has to deal with my dad's behavior. He is emotionally and mentally abusive towards her. She won't leave him. She dropped out of high school to marry him and feels she worked hard to get what she has and isn't going to let some other woman come take it from her. They'll never divorce. She does everything around her. I'm the only happy thing in her life. Is it wrong for me to want to leave? I know it isn't but I feel guilty.

    My dad can't just have some beers. He drinks A LOT. It's very common too. He blames us for his diabetes and we are the reason he drinks. I have no faith in relationships because of my dad. I believe there is no such thing as good guys in my generation and they all cheat and lie. I just broke things off with my boyfriend of 4 years because my family didn't like him because he didn't work or take me out. It became overwhelming for me so I would start fights because my parents didn't like him and because it's a simple thing to fix and he wouldn't try.

    Tonight I got into a huge fight with my dad. He was mad that I was in the living room because the ac in my room was being fixed. There are two couches and I asked what the big deal was. I went into the kitchen where he was so he could have the living room. Then he says what he always says: "Do you love me?" He says I don't. I told him I did and I don't understand why he doesn't care about his health. It's just beer. My uncle just died unexpectedly from bleeding on his brain. I asked my dad if he wanted us to be like that and to think how my aunt and her kids were. I was hysterically crying and told him to look me in my face and screamed at him what was wrong with him. I left and as I was going upstairs he yelled that he wanted to kill himself and I told him he already was. When I got upstairs I just broke down. My Husky, my sweet little Ares, started to lick my face and my nose and then laid his head in my lap and looked at me. When I looked down he did his little doggy smile. That's the only thing that cheered me up but I feel so drained and still really upset.

    He'll never stop drinking and it just isn't fair. He'll never go to AA. He'll always be this way. I just don't understand why he doesn't care. I feel so guilty but there are days I can't help but wonder if everyone would be happy if he was gone. My mom is on so many meds because of the way dad is to her. Well just her nerve pills. My family is delusional too. They are all like him. I don't get it. My grandad is hard working and the sweetest person I've ever met. Everyone has something nice to say about him but none of his kids got those traits. Only 2 are functional out of 10. My granny is a heavy drinker so I guess that's where they get it. Everyone acts like I'm the one with the problem when I get upset or mad about this. It isn't fair to me at all.
  • Kartes_52 Newbie

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    Oct 6 2017, 01:20
    Sad to hear about your dad. Same issue was with my dad too. He was also badly affected by alcohol addiction but never wanted to overcome it. Found out addiction counseling Virginia center, and took him there. Requested him to take treatment and he agreed. Soon I was so glad to see him normal. Thanks a lot to this rehab center.
  • Oct 27 2017, 02:32
    My sympathies, truly. I've seen cases where various forms of behavioural addiction have occurred. You might help the addict, but I think you should be prepared for the possibility that this is going to leave enduring pains.Неrоіn Detox -

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