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Sleep raped


May 15 2018, 22:13
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    I was raped when I was not conscious and I find it hard to be considered by others. People don’t treat as they would normally because of what they believed happened to me and what really didn’t happen to me. People at a hospital didn’t tell me I was raped in the hospital and had me be ignorant towards being pregnant. My roommates didn’t tell me I was raped except that one roommate talked to another room mate about a man came in the room and kissed Catherine last night. She didn’t say he did anything else to me. Although that would of been the first time somebody came in the room. I was cut on my hand and I didn’t do it and whoever did cut me used my knife in my knife kit that I rarely use for class because we don’t use that kind of cut that often. Even though I didn’t find any blood on the knife I could tell someone used it to cut. That wasn’t the first time a man came in the room. The first time I wasn’t cut except I had a green discharge that I didn’t find out what it was because it went away(god healed it) the doctor didn’t tell me what it was. The second time my shirt was wrinkled. The third time I felt off and the fourth time I felt off the fifth time I felt like somebody out scissors up my hole. Then the last time I felt pain for three days and had a rash like rug burn. The last time I was at home. The first three times I was at my first dorm room. The fourth time I was at a hospital and I was not conscious to know who did it. The last time I was home and I wasn’t conscious to know who or how he did it to make me have a rash on my private part. It is really how people don’t consider me at all. They treat me like it wasn’t s human did it and they treat me like I need medications to solve my problems. They don’t realky care. Or they treat me like I have to eat with words that don’t help me or they prevent me from being free of eating and drinking just so I can find out who did rape me do many times. I tried looking for help and it’s either they would be too easily influenced, no experiences enough, don’t remember how, or they don’t have services I’m looking for. This becomes frustrating when I really put my effort into defeating gluttony and I end up all for nothing because they make me victimized to gluttony by forcing meds or consumptions I don’t need. It’s kike how do I withstand these people and have self control over myself when others abuse authority to abuse?

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