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Fear of becomeing my abuser


Apr 9 2016, 17:21
  • Invisible Newbie

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    I was abused emotionally, physically, and mostly sexually as a child. I was abused by people who were abused as I was in the past, and now I am deeply afraid of, like them, turning into a pedophile. It has invaded my thoughts so completely I cannot sleep and I can no longer have sex, much less masturbate. Am I going to be a pedophile? I've never had the urge to hurt children (The thought makes me sick) but the thought always terrifies me, and I don't want to become the people who hurt me. Is there something wrong with me? What should I do? I feel so lost.
  • Mossy Contributor

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    Apr 13 2016, 01:47
    I am sorry to read about your past being abused by others. It takes work and insight to recover from the hurt. But you are not destined to be an abuser. You are in charge of who you are going to be. You say you have never had the urge to hurt children. People who have been abused are NOT destined to be abusers. Even if you did see any abusive tendencies in yourself you can get support to ensure nothing comes of it.

    Take care!

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