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Evil neghbor across the way.


Mar 8 2016, 13:47
  • DacodeeDoll Newbie

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    I have a problem, i live in a Apartment complex and my apt faces directly another building, approximately 10 or so feet away. But close enough that you can see into the window directly across from you. So anyway, i don't know this person(s). Only see them occasionally. They complained to the Janitor/Superintendant, about me. They said I had diffrent people coming and going from my apt. And told the janitor I had five diffrent men enter and exit my apt! Which is total bullshit! And this Janitor said (I better watch my ass,) because the police are watching me!? So now I don't have any friends over male or female because of them. Now i could possibly overlook this because I have to live here. But in addition to this. Everytime I pass their apt. to throw out the garbage or just leave. He turns his Air conditoner off.
    like he's trying to either get my attention or irritate me. or he's just plain looney? It's very annoying. And the thing is if i get in his face or do something to express my anger toward him, Im the one who's gonna look crazy or they'll call the police. I don't know why this person is torturing me?
    And when i told my husband or aunt or anyone they just say Ignore it? Is that my only choice? I really don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Anna Newbie

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    Mar 24 2017, 08:19
    Change your apartment is the only choice I guess! try as much as possible to change the apartment! and also try to avoid facing that person for your security and peace! Good Luck! :)

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