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Emotional and possibly Physical abuse from family


Aug 31 2015, 01:56
  • Ember435 Newbie

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    Alright this is hard to do because this has been going on since I was 15 but I was told to go get some kind of help or advice for this. I live with my parents and up till 15 years of age I've never had a problem once I turned 15 everything went downhill. Here is an example of what had happened in the past hour of tonight someone ate most of my mothers mints and so she went off when I mean she went off I mean explosion. I ran into my room because I know my brother would blame it on me though it was him who did it and of course she would believe him. So I went in my room and locked the door then she came to my door and banged on it for 10 minutes me being extremely scared curled up on my bed I didn't open or unlock the door. Then she threw something at my door but I don't know what it was nor do I want to at this point. I was so scared and all over some mints... Everyday I get shot with a bebe gun and I'm always interrupted or barged in on I have no privacy at all. Example ill be changing in the bathroom my dad will come in and start yelling or my mom will come in and yell at me. I've also been told at the dinner table to lift my shirt up in front of my brother and father to show them how fat I was I'm constantly criticized about my weight where I am. I've had glasses thrown at me before and a lot of what happens is emotional but there are a lot of physical problems as well that happen in my everyday life. I've been told to get out of where I am leave the house and go somewhere but I can't. My reasons I own two pets in which my parents are paying for their care, there getting me a car soon and paying for gas, they pay for all of my living expenses, and the biggest of all college they pay for all of my college so for my I got to college free at my parents expense. They paid for my college ahead of time. I never called a cop or anything except for when I was 10 and they made my feel extremely guilty for doing it (my parents). I have a very submissive personality so it makes it hard for me to do things or go against my parents I'm very loyal to them. I love them very much but I've been told I'm in a toxic situation and don't know what to do to get out of it. I don't want to see my parents taken away I don't want my brother to be put someplace else though he is just as bad. I'm afraid and scared and don't know how to go about getting myself into a better situation. The other reason I don't do anything is out of fear I've never lived on my own or anything like that and I'm not mature enough in my eyes to do something like this. I've also been hit before arm or face and I'm constantly hurt by my brother. (my brother is younger btw) Does anyone know what I can do about this? can anybody give me advice or pointers? and if anyone has been in a situation like this can you please share? Also do you consider any of this any form of abuse? please help me I would greatly appreciate it....
  • Sabelo Arnold Contributor

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    Oct 26 2015, 09:53
    i can help you,i personally grew up in a abusive family inorder for me to share with you how i overcame all this please email me at things have to be approved and disapproved..ill tell you how i lost weight in 3mnths too.
  • Ashli Contributor

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    Feb 11 2016, 12:54
    I can't even talk about what happened with my mom. She was emotionally abusive every day as far back as i remember all my childhood.

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