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mood problems, unsure?


Jun 28 2014, 02:15
  • shaefranz Newbie

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    I know none of you are psycogists but i have a very serious question about what all of this means. Im sorry because it will all be a bit jumbled up, but i really need help.

    -Im not suicidal and never have threatened or acted upon doing so.
    -Im constantly irritable ( my husband could bring me my favorite stuff and id still be pissed but feel excited at the same time.
    -im onstantly stressed about everything (it could even be stress about a movie i am watching or petting my dog, just stupid stuff)
    -my daily moods go from an extreme happy, completely pissed off, or extreme sad
    -some days all i want to do is sleep otbers i can sleep very little and feel energized
    -most of the time i will sleep all but 6 hours of the day and feel like i never slept.
    -my thoughts keep me awake the thougts and ideas are random
    -i tend to loose control when i get angry or sad (throw things, say things i dont mean, etc.)
    -my appetite constantly changes throughout the week. when i talk i feel pressured so i ramble about the thoughts that go with what im saying and it is all very fast and jumbled up. Its like i cant stop talking.
    -im either comlletely interested in what is going on or im borderljne obsessed with it.
    -i have a ton of thjngs i want tk finish but i feel either too sad or angry or tired to do so

    Can someone ease help m figure this out. Im so confused and it makes me sad, pised off, and i just want to know what is going on. My husband tells me to go to a therapist but we cant afford it.

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