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my narcissistic mother


Oct 23 2013, 13:40
  • vaultgirl93 Newbie

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    My mother always blamed my being born for everything thing that went wrong in her life or the things she failed at. She blamed me for people looking down on her as a teen mom. Growing up, he would openly as well as sneakily criticize me and insult me. She would constantly insist some things were said or done an deny other things ever happened, to the point that I doubted myself constantly. She openly favored my younger two brothers. She drove me into depression and an eating disorder, then demanded that it was my own fault and told me to "Fix it or move out." I was 16. She becomes livid and won't speak to me for weeks if I don't follow her advice, which I don't ask for in the first place. I have multiple tattoos that I am proud of, yet on m wedding day she bullied me into covering the up and being a Barbie doll the way she wanted me to be. A couple months back I had to go to the er, where I discovered I had broken my foot as a child and never got it treated, resulting in major arthritis. When I told my mother she told me it was my fault, rather than her own fault, even though as a child she refused to take me to the hospital, no matter what kind of pain I was in. I will go weeks without speaking to my mother and will be happy, confident, and positive. Then as soon as I speak to her again she demolishes all of those good feelings. I don't know how to handle her or if I should just cut her out of my life.

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