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Sexually abused?


Sep 2 2013, 22:09
  • Kat Newbie

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    Hi I'm really concerned that when i was around 11 that my mom had sexually abused me. I'm not sure if it really happened? I had a dream that keeps reacquiring it's really awful i wake up crying and angry! Maybe they are memories that I had blocked out because I wouldn't want to believe it I still really don't. I have a lot of hate against her i still live here cause I'm going to collage and stay here to save money. When I was 9 my parents got a divorce our family is really fucking dysfunctional. So when my mom left and took my brother and I with her we were homeless for 3 months then her boss had let us move in with her. So anyway my brother was addicted to drugs so he couldn't live with us he was in and out of rehabs and livening with his psychologist. Then it was just me and my mom and I didn't have my own bed i would have to sleep with her. Then we moved into a house when I was 11 and I still didn't have my own bed i slept in my moms bed till I was 14 she would never get me a bed plus she took me out of school and decided to home school me. She refuses to get another man so i really don't know i asked if she was a lesbian and she get really offended when I ask. It's really fuzzy i can't remember from 11-13 years old i don't know if I have a block in my mind i have heard that happens when something traumatic happens in life. I know I'm a very depressed person i have trouble dealing with thing I have had a brake down just crying uncontrollably thinking about if it is true. I'm seriously thinking of going to a health hypnotherapist to maybe help me remember. I don't know if what I dream really happened or am I just mentally insane it scares me
  • gaby1027 Newbie

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    Sep 12 2016, 23:36
    talk to your mom about these dreams let her know that they bother you and you just want to know the truth so you can move on with your life god bless you good luck
  • donjaf Contributor

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    Nov 5 2016, 16:56
    Did you ever make it to the hypnotherapist?

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