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Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Oct 24 2010

We are socialised into sexuality and gender realities from an early age. Our inherent reality is sometimes incongruent with this socialisation process. Such incongruence produces anxiety and stress within the person as they attempt to reconcile what thsy feel with what they have been raised to believe. Feelings of guilt and shame ensue, which severely impact on emotional well being. It is imperative that young adults work through these conflicts and embrace a balanced and authentic lifestyle. Rejection from family members or friends can be a very painful experience, rejection is usually based on fear. The human race is conditioned to fear 'different' since it threatens our belief system. However it is important to constructively challenge such fear and reassure significant others that individuation does not in and of itself have to threaten our relationships. Blind devotion to stereotypes does threaten our relationships in the most dangerous ways. Please share your experiences with us!!!
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